Early Beginnings

This domain was registered in early 2002 after being inspired by Project Bronco. I liked the idea behind Paul's website and thought 73-79 Ford truck owners would benefit from having a similar site dedicated to them. In my opinion the biggest downfall to the PB website was lack of any updates -- the "cartoon of the month" was several years old -- something I would NOT let happen to my website. Gung-ho on the idea of frequent updates I then preceded to do nothing with this domain for the next three years.

Late Bloomer

September 29th 2005 - Well over three years after owning (and paying for webhosting!) this domain I've finally decided to get my act together. Current plans call for a website that is a mixture of PB's "This is my truck & what I've done to it" and Fordification's "Here is more info than you'll ever need about your truck, but isn't it great?" along with keeping it Ad/Banner free with minimal censorship in our member forums.


Enough about the website. Let's talk about my truck. She's a 1977 F-150 4x4 Stepside purchased June 29th 1998 for the princely sum of $1,600 from Polaris Outfitters in New Braunfels, TX. I remember the day clearly - it was a beautiful Monday, sunny without a single cloud in the sky. Well, it was... at least until I took her out for a test drive and within 5 mins it was downpouring! Over the next few weeks a disturbing pattern emerged, everytime I took her out no matter how nice of a day it was within 15 mins I'd be caught in a horrible downpour. She soon earned the name Rainmaker. Skip ahead several months to October 17th 2005 when over 350 homes were destroyed and another 1,300 damaged in New Bruanfels during one of the worst floods in central Texas history. Over 18 inches of rain caused flooding that literally wiped out a complete mobile home park a stones throw from my driveway. She's earned her name -- and I've never gone over 3,000 miles between oil changes since.

A Little More History

(coming soon)

The Infamous "BEFORE" Picture

Almost everyone has a "before" picture of their truck to go along with the "after" picture. Below is mine. Hopefully I'll have an "after" picture in the next 5-10 years. Yes, I know, that's quite a long time. But I hope you'll stick around with me to see it! I plan to update this website every time I do something to get my truck closer to that "after" picture day!

BEFORE - July 2002 CURRENT - October 2005

Before picture to start of website:
New Tires/Wheels
Removed dinky rollbar
Damaged hood during tow
Removed old exhaust tips/put on headers 2.5" dual pipe (still need chrome tips)
Increased rust from additional year in Massachusetts

Before Picture shows sagging rear because truck was loaded down with ~1,500 lbs of Aussie 302C heads.
Sorry, I have to brag and show them off:

Gee, they sure cleaned up nice:

Documented Updates

New Ford 9" (links/pics soon!)
Weiand Intake w/ Edelbrock 750 (links/pics soon!)

General Truck Info


Wheel Base 117
Color Wimbledon White
Type/G.V.W. 6,050 GVW 4x4 Pickup
Body Custom Cab, Vinyl Bench, Black Trim, Flaresided Pickup
Trans Automatic
Axle Power Steering; Ford 9" 3.50
D.S.O. Special Order 86

MFD Date July 1977
Max GVW 6050
GAWR - Front Axle 2990
GAWR - Rear Axle 3654



Year 1977
Series F-150 4x4
Engine 351M
Tranny C6
Transfer Case NP-205
Differential - Front Dana 44
Differential - Rear Ford 9"
GVW 6,050
Wheelbase 117
Body Style Stepside
Plant Michigan Truck
Manufacture Date July 1977
Carb Edelbrock 750
Intake Weiand Action+Plus
Headers Hedman Fenderwell
Exhaust Dual 2.5"
Mufflers Dual Flowmaster Big Block 50 series
Ring & Pinion 3.50 Precision gear
9" Case Currie 9+ Nodular
Pinion Support Nodular Ford Motorsport Daytona Style
Carrier Detroit TrueTrac
Axles Currie 31 spline






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